Bitcoin Mega-Faucet Cointiply Multifaucet for free

Today I want to introduce you one of my preferred Bitcoin faucets. The Cointiply faucet allows you to gain Bitcoins over different possibilities. You’ll get 100 Coins for registering on the page (which are round about 0,014 $).

As mentioned above, you can do many things to get Bitcoins for free.

Cointiply offers:

  • A faucet, which you can activate every 60 minutes. The faucet occurs as a spinning wheel, which you can spin onc e an hour. With a bit of luck you can win 57 extra coins and if you roll 99,999 you win another 100 coins.
    Cointiply Bitcoin-Wallet, die enorm Umsatz bringen kann.

    Cointiply Bitcoin-Wallet, die enorm Umsatz bringen kann (Screenshot aus mobiler Ansicht).

  • You can play a variety of games. With each played game you can earn 35 coins. Each game has its own goals to achieve. Every achievement can be done as many times as you want:


  • Third: Get Bitcoins for free while watching videos. As soosn as you achieved the videos goals, you gain the mentioned amount. For example you have to watch three video-adds. After these three adds you gain 51 coins:

  • A speciality of Cointiply is the so called ‘Offer wall’Here you’re offered some special tasks such as responding a questionaire, watching videos or fulfill surveys and so on… The income of every task is very high:

  • Then Cointiply gives you th possibility to mine some coins over mining games:

  • Last but not least you can advertise to increase your income. Up to now I dind’t tested it, so if someone can send me some information to publish them here it would be nice!

In general I can say, that this is one of the most worthwhile Bitcoin faucets i actually know. The more you do some extra work the more your income increases!

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