Free open source Ripple XRP wallet for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux

I was looking for a secure and turstworthy Ripple Wallet and found – nearly nothing. There are not many wallets out there. After looking for a while I was succesful and want to share my information to you. The following wallet is the best and most secure Ripple Wallet you may find:

Ripple Toast Wallet from StarStone Limited

The following devices or operating systems are supportet

  • Ripple Wallet for Windows PC
  • Ripple Wallet for Mac
  • Ripple Wallet App for Android and iOS
  • Ripple Wallet for Linux
  • Ripple Wallet running in the Browser

It is important to know that you’ll need to keep 20 Ripple into the wallet without getting them back. This is not only at StarStones Toast Wallet – it is a behaviour of Ripple.

Ripple-Blockchain keeps 20 XRP!

According this ‘HowTo‘ at Reddit for creating a Ripple Wallet, the 20 XRP can not be taken out. They have to stay in the wallet. I don’t know if this is true but I believe it. Background for this is that the (Wallet) address you created has to have 20 Ripple to stay activated.

The Ripple devs want to prevent spaming Ripple adresses and therefore they created this step. They will reduce this amount when the price of Ripple increases.

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